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JKLF Prominent leader Yassin Malik’s life is in danger, says Sardar Anwar Advocate.

Amnesty International has a moral obligation to provide medical treatment and to ensure his life is protected.

New York City,

A function organized by Jammu and Kashmir community in New York, while addressing on the event Sardar Anwar Advocate said that if the entire Kashmiri nation was united, the state could fight the conspiracies.

Under the guise of Kashmir issue, international imperialism is selling their arms and oppressed Kashmiris are forced to migrate abroad. The event was attended by people from different schools of thought.

Sardar Anwar Advocate said that the life of Yasin Malik, leader of Kashmir National Liberation Movement and Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, was in serious danger from the fascist Modi government of India.

It is moral responsibility of Amnesty International to provide medical care and protection to Yassin Malik.

According to Sardar Anwar Advocate the overseas Kashmir community should unite and hold demonstrations and sit-ins in front of Indian embassies and UN offices.

Renown progressive leader Saeed Iqbal, nationalist leader Rizwan Farooq Ashraf, Gulshan Ali, Afsar Khan, Ilyas Khan and Saad Afsar Khan also addressed the function. The participants expressed full support for the campaign, Save the state and save Yasin Malik.

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