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Mount Uhud lighting project is in the final stages, municipality spokesman.

Zaka Mohsin, Madina,

The municipality of Madinah in Saudi Arabia has said that the lighting project on Mount Uhud is in the final stages. Lighting of Jabal Uhud will be environmentally friendly, said Ahmad Al-Maliki, said by spokesman of the municipality. However; the use of electricity will be used economically and electricity will cost up to 75% less.

According to municipality spokesman said that the lighting project of Jabal Uhud would be a masterpiece of aesthetic art which would be a confluence of the natural beauty of the mountain and the art of lighting at night. The concept of lighting is taken from the scene of sunrise on the tops of the mountains.

Mount Uhud is one of the eternal historical sites of Sira-e-Taiba. Significant events took place here in the early days of Islam and an important battle in Islamic history took place. Visitors to Medina include a visit to Mount Uhud. There are many historical places here, including the cemetery of the martyrs of Uhud. The Syed Al-Shuhada Square is also located here. Mount Uhud is located north of Medina.

It is about seven kilometers long and two to three kilometers wide and it is 350 meters high.


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