UK government lifted 3 month imposed ban and restrict citizens to travel Europe

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

The UK has lifted a three-month ban. Six people will now be able to meet in the open air, while Gyms and swimming pools have also been opened. Citizens expressed happiness and express appreciates government lifted ban.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has advised the citizens to be very careful as the number of coronavirus victims in Europe is increasing and this may affects the UK vaccination program.

It is to be noted that UK’s vaccination program is the fourth fastest vaccination program in the world.

Germany and France face third wave of corona virus. Police in Paris appear on streets to be advising citizens on social distancing. The Home Minister has directed 90,000 police personnel to patrol the roads across the country to ensure implementation of SOPs by the citizens. Spain’s popular tourist attractions are empty in this season, while compared to 19 million last year.

The UK has banned all overseas travel except for work, education and health, which will be reconsidered in April. The EU is increasingly infected with the Corona virus, while vaccination is slow and the future of tourism in the summer holidays is uncertain.

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