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The New York mayor has cut 474 million executive budget this year’s.

Lack of funds will affect police performance and law and order situation will deteriorate.

New York city,

New York City’s 109th Mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced a reduction in police funding a few months ago, and New York State’s executive budget for fiscal year 2021 has been cut by 474 million. According to Blasio, he has a plan to implement the proposed reforms. The NYPD has been allocated 10.2 billion in city funds in the FY 2021 budget.

The operating budget is 4.9 billion and the central expenditure is 5.3 billion. Agency City-funded operating budget proposed 345 million, or 6.6 percent reduction. This includes a 13.1% reduction of 58 million in the Parks and Recreation Department and a 24.0% reduction of .0 169 million in the Youth and Community Development Department.

Immigrants who have lived in New York for decades believe that the move will reduce the police’s mobility, which will have a direct impact on their performance, and in such a situation, anti-peace elements fear the success of their infamous activities.

Citizens say it is the mayor’s responsibility to protect New York City, but Blasio’s decision suggests that his recent move will hurt locals and communities in different countries. We do not want every generation to endure the hardships they witnessed in New York thirty years ago, citizens also added that.

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