Political battle between European Union and Britain over COVID-19 vaccine.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK,

The attainment of coronavirus vaccine is setting a political battle between European Union and Britain. EU President Ursula van Der has called on vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca to provide vaccine to 27-nation bloc on priority, before threatening to ban vaccine exports to Britain on March 17.

She reiterated that EU has the power to stop the export of vaccines. Several hours after the press conference, the United Kingdom and Europe stated in a joint statement that they would provide vaccines to all citizens, but there is no mention of sanctions.

Earlier, a virtual meeting of EU leaders was held to discuss the prevention from third wave of corona virus and the controversy over the vaccine, including the UK’s ban on vaccine exports also considered.

The EU’s International Political and Economic Director have said that if the EU bans the export of vaccines to any country or the UK, it will have negative consequences and the EU will lose its moral superiority.

So far, 11% of EU adults have been given the first dose of Code 19, compared to 54% in the UK.

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