ICNA Relief set up a unique food pantry in New Jersey.

New Jersey, US,

ICNA Relief, US based Muslim welfare organization set up Dozens of food pantries. This time ICNA Relief has set up a special unique pantry in New Jersey where rations and other necessities of life are being distributed among needy.

Unique pantry includes many special items like baby food, clothes, toothpaste, hygiene kits, bathroom tissue rolls, baby and adult diapers.

New Jersey’s director of ICNA Relief, Farhana Matin, said “There were a lot of food pantries in New Jersey but we started unique pantry one of its own, pantry distributes necessities of life for common man.

This food pantry helps needy and poor people beyond color and race. Young students and women, including housewives, volunteer to participate in ICNA Relief food pantry.

A large number of people around the world are suffering from financial crunch due to COVID-19, while a large number of people are also affected in US. In these circumstances, the government and such organizations are stepping forward to help peoples.

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