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Safe Kashmir and Safe Yasin Malik campaign launched in US.

Brooklyn, NYC,

First press conference held at a local hotel in Brooklyn in connection with the Safe Kashmir and Safe Yasin Malik campaign, Sardar Anwar Advocate said that Modi government has detained the spokesperson of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Yasin Malik. But let India remember that it cannot suppress the struggle of oppressed Kashmiris by force.

Sardar Anwar Advocate also said that people of Jammu and Kashmir want peace in the entire region. Jammu and Kashmir is not a border and religious dispute but a national liberation issue of Kashmiris which can only be resolved politically and democratically. Press conference was also attended by Ashraf Gul, Raja Mukhtar Ahmed, Sardar Ilyas Khan, Gul Badshah and Imtiaz Ahmad among others.

On the occasion, Sardar Anwar Advocate further stated that Kashmiris all around the world would continue to provide moral and diplomatic support to Yasin Malik on every platform.

He appealed to international human rights organizations to make practical efforts to resolve the Jammu and Kashmir issue on the basis of humanitarian basis.

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