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American Pakistani Heritage organized procession in solidarity with Islamic countries

Participants called on US government to lift economic sanctions on weak countries.

Times Square, New York city,

The demonstration, organized by the American Pakistani Heritage to express solidarity with the victims of imperialist atrocities in Islamic countries, protest began from 42nd street Time Square.

Participants chanted slogans against the ongoing massacre of innocents civilians in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, while holding banners and placards on which various demands were written.

Addressing the participants of the procession, Ayatollah Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi, Ali Mirza, Raja Ammar Yasir, Taqi Rizvi, Imam Shamsi Ali, Maisam Zaidi, Sareen Ali Mirza, Jahan Abidi, Makhdoomzada Zain Abbas Bukhari, Agha Mukhtar Hussain, Mr. Bill, Bob Goodman, Joe Carton, Sheila Khan and Sally Johns made it clear to the US government that Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen further aggression, economic sanctions and the massacre of innocent civilians will not be tolerated.

The speakers said that America has become infamous in the world, the American people do not want war but peace, now Al Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS should not be allowed to raise their heads.

Jaffaria Youth of New York-Al-Mahdi Foundation-Jaffaria Association of North America-Action Peace New York State-National Anti-War College also participated in the procession.

Speakers at a joint Muslim-Christian rally called for an end to international terrorism, disarmament, attacks on weak nations by powerful nations, economic sanctions, coups and topple the governments through proxies. ۔

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