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PACOLI celebrates Pakistan Resolution Day in Long Island, New York.

Participants sang Pakistan national songs and chanted slogans of "Long live Pakistan".

Long Island, ​​New York,

The Pakistani American Community of Long Island (PACOLI) organized a ceremony on the occasion of Pakistan Day in the Long Island area of ​​New York, USA.

The ceremony began with the recitation of Holy Qur’an. After which the national anthems of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan were read aloud. The cake was cut at the grand ceremony.

The atmosphere became fragrant with the national anthems and the participants’ chanted slogans of ‘Long live Pakistan’. Speakers highlighted the purpose of Pakistan Resolution day.

Addressing the function, Qamar Bashir, founder of PACOLI, said that, Lahore resolution was change to Pakistan resolution by United Indian newspapers. It was a satire at the time, but after a while Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s two-nation theory strengthen.

The event was attended by PACOLI officials and workers as well as members of the Pakistani community. Azra Dar, PACOLI’s director, said March 23, 1940, was a historic day when efforts for a separate Muslim homeland took shape.

Atiq Qadri, in charge PACOLI, said that due to the global pandemic, the number of attendees was low but spirit are high.

Consul General of Pakistan Ayesha Ali appreciated PACOLI’s services during COVID-19. She said that organizing the ceremony on March 23 is worthfully and special feature of PACOLI and shows true love to Pakistan.

It is PACOLI’s policy to provide assistance to all nations in US, including the promotion of Pakistan in US. PACOLI’s journey in the service of humanity is endless.

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