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NYC Council elections held on June 22, candidates meet with communities.

Dow Jin, a Democratic candidate visited a Sikh shrine and Gurdwara.

Queens, NYC,

Democratic candidate Dow Jin, from New York’s District Twenty, visited a Sikh shrine in the Queens area. The visit was arranged by Sikh leader Jazbir Singh and Zahid Syed from Pakistani community

On arrival at (Temple) Gurdwara, Dow Jin was welcomed by the Sikh community. On the occasion, Dow Jin and Zahid Syed were also presented traditional Sikh chadar(Sheet).

Democratic candidate for NYC city council Dow Jin, assured the Sikh community that if he won election, he would do his best to solve problems facing the Asian community.

New York City Council elections are set for June 22 this year, and candidates are meeting with various communities in connection with their election. 

On this occasion, Zahid Syed introduced the Democratic candidate to Sikh community in detail and said that his aim is to help everyone without any discrimination.

Speaking at a function at the Sikh Center, Dow Jin said, said there had been an increase in racial hatred against the Asian community in recent days. Which is not acceptable in any case, Democrat’s will try to work for the rights of all communities.

Dow Jin also attended the Sikh worshiping Temple, Gurdwara and ate meals with them. On the occasion, Sikh leader Jazbir Singh assured Dow Jin that the Sikh community would support him in coming elections.

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