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Pakistan’s Ambassador to KSA, Raja Ali Ijaz, congratulates on Pakistan Resolution Day.

Overseas Pakistanis are national asset and we are proud on them, says Raja Ijaz

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh,

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Raja Ali Ijaz, has said that March 23, Pakistan Resolution Day is the most important day in our history. It gives us an opportunity to renew our commitment to move Pakistan forward together

Ambassador congratulates 2.7 million Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia on Pakistan Resolution Day on March 23, said that Pakistanis abroad have played a very important role. Overseas Pakistanis are a national asset and we are proud on them, because the way they have stood by the country and nation in every difficult time.

Ambassador of Pakistan Raja Ali Ijaz said that March 23 is the brightest day in our history when Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah unites and gave Pakistan to nation in a short span of seven years.

73 years later, our diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia are of supreme importance at the same time, the relations between the two countries are based on historical, religious and brotherly rituals. The leadership and public relations of the two countries are developing on a solid basis.

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