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7th Pakistani American Ashraf Jahangir, promoted to the rank of Captain.

New York city,

Pakistani-American, Ashraf Jahangir, has been promoted to the rank of captain in New York Police Department. The number of captains from Pakistan in the New York Police Department has risen to seven. Followed by Capt. Adeel Rana, Capt. Misbah Noor, Capt. Owais Khanzada, Capt. Yasir Saleem, Capt. Asif Iqbal and now Ashraf Jahangir has been promoted to the post of captain.

Capt. Ashraf Jahangir has honor of pursuing a Master’s degree in Homeland Security and has also served as Commanding Officer of the Detective Squad of the 43 Police Station in New York.

He is also the President of Pakistani American Law Enforcement Society, an organization representing Pakistani American police officers in the New York Police.

Ashraf Jahangir, 40, came to the United States in July 2000 from Sargodha, Pakistan, at the age of 20. Six years later, he joined New York Police Department. In 2012, he was promoted to sergeant and in February 2017, to lieutenant. Ashraf Jahangir is renowned for his hard work, dedication and honesty in the New York Police.

Ashraf Jahangir was warmly congratulated by the Pakistani community, including his fellow police officers, as well as best wishes to him.

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