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VOSA Tv successfully completed three years of broadcasting.

Colorful evening celebrated at a local hotel in New York

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The colorful evening planned on third anniversary and was celebrated at a local hotel in New York with the participation of Press Minister as guest of honor and Pakistani Consul General as a chief guest and business and social figures of the Pakistani community in the Pakistan Mission gives best wishes for VOSA TV.

The Voice of Pakistani and South Asian Community in US Society – VOSA TV needs no introduction. The position it has achieved in a short span of three years is a testament to the trust and confidence of the community.

Celebrated at a local hotel in New York prominent figures of Pakistani Community participates in 3rd anniversary celebrations. Well known poet Raees Warsi hosted the anniversary celebrations and expressed in a poetic manner his feelings for VOSA TV.

Guest of Honor from Pakistan Mission, Press Minister Dr. Maryam Sheikh and Consul General Ayesha Ali said that the success achieved by VOSA TV in the short period of three years of hard work is not such an easy task. In particular, the way VOSA TV played its role during COVID-19 and Lockdown is admirable.

President VOSA TV Faheem Mian addressed the celebrations gathering and said that trust and enthusiasm of the community is precious asset while CEO Zahid Rana gave the good news to the audience of VOSA TV that soon drama and film production is also begins in coming days.

Senior journalist Azeem M. Mian, expressing his views and said that Pakistani community is making them honored in every field. It is desirable that in a short span of time VOSA TV has made its successive marks in US TV broadcasting industry.

Bashir Qamar, head of the Pakistani Community of Long Island, an organization of Pakistanis in New York, and Pervez Siddiqui, head of his community Brooklyn Center, said despite a community TV, VOSA always adhered to journalistic values, standards and never compromised on principles.

Imtiaz Ahmed, chairman of Al Ryan Funeral Services, a leading humanitarian organization in New York said that during extreme outbreak of Corona pandemic and severe lockdown, there are few examples, in which the way VOSA TV has presented community issues to society

The chairperson of the Women to Women Forum congratulated the VOSA family on third anniversary celebrations and said that VOSA Tv built its viewership in such a short span of time is not possible for everyone.

PACOLI President Asim Malik, Azra Dar, Atiq Qadri, APNA Community Brooklyn Center’s Erum Hanif, APPAC Athar Tirmidhi, Asad Chaudhry were present in the celebration’s.

Amin Ghani of APPEG, Pervez Riaz, Zakaria Khan from Brooklyn Emergence, Sahibzada Shabbir, Nisar Khan, Atia Shahnaz from Pakistani American Skilled Women Organization (PASWO), Captain Adeel Rana, President of Muslim Officer Society in New York Police Department, Lieutenant Zaigham Abbas, businessman Saeed Hassan, Adnan Bukhari, senior journalist Maviz Asad Siddiqui, Mohsin Zaheer, Nasir Qayyum, Mohammad Asif also congratulated VOSA TV and expressed their best wishes.

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