Muslims Burn P&G Nppies in India and This is the Reason!

NEW DELHI: Muslims in India burnt P&G nappies in India claiming the brand hurt Muslims community.

Protesting Muslim community claims that on the cartoon word Mohammed appears in Arabic and Urdu, calling for a boycott of Pampers products.

According to Deccan Chronicle, activists from the Islamic group Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat has lodged a formal complaint at Dabeerpura Police Station in Hyderabad.

The protesters’ group from Hyderabad say that lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth & left eye of the smiley feline allegedly bear a close resemblance to the Holy Prophet’s name “Mohammed” when written in Arabic or Urdu.

The group said in a letter to police that Pampers owned by US multinational Procter & Gamble – had hurt the feelings of the Muslim community.

The letter states: “Even with (the) bare eye it is been identified that the name of Prophet (PBUH) can be seen printed on it in Urdu/Arabic.”



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