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Meet and greet event for Leticia Remauro by APPAC at Staten Island.

Muslim community pushed back during Republicans but things would improve after Democrats, says Dr. Ijaz Ahmad.

Staten Island, New York City,

The American-Pakistani Public Affairs Committee’s (APPAC) organized Meet & Greet event in New York, Staten Island’s Borough for Presidential Candidate Leticia Remauro.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, chairman of the APPAC, said that the Muslim community was pushed back during the Republican era and hoped that with coming to power of the Democrats, things would improve.

In addition to, members of the APPAC, business and social figures from Pakistani community attended Meet & Greet event.

Addressing the audience, Leticia Remauro outlined the responsibilities of the Borough President, and said that if she becomes the borough president, she will work for the betterment of the community and for welfare of the community. The community will always find her loyal.

Participants also spoke on community issues. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Ijaz Ahmad thanked the participants

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