Human rights org’s demonstrates against deportation laws at Dramstadt.

Matiullah, Darmstadt, Germany,

“We are Pakistan”, participated in the demonstration in collaboration with the “Community for All” and others human rights organizations.

We are Pakistan”, social welfare organization founder Mahmood Saeed said that German government should give these immigrants the opportunity to stay here permanently instead of the politics of deportation.

 The German wife of a jailed Pakistani Shahbaz Cheema strongly condemned the deportation process, speakers called for simplification of the law.

 A representative of the German political Linky Party also participates in the demonstration and assured full support. Samar Khan played a vital role in making the demonstration against this cruel act “a success”.

The demonstration was attended by a large number of Pakistanis as well as German citizens and other foreign immigrants. On the occasion, Samar Khan said that “We are Pakistan” organization determined to continue the movement against the oppressive policy.

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