UK’s fastest vaccination program in Europe 20 million people get 1st shot

Muqeem Ahmad, UK

The UK has reached a milestone by administering the first dose of the corona virus to its 20 million citizens.

According to British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, said in a statement that he was pleased that the UK’s vaccination program had been the fastest in Europe and that recent sanctions would be lifted by the end of June depends on its success.

The number of people infected with corona virus in the UK in the last 24 hours was 6,035 while 144 deaths have been recorded.

In last 7 days, the number of people infected with the virus has dropped by 21.2% while the number of deaths has dropped by 33.5%.

The government’s scientific advisers have suggested that in the second phase, the distribution of vaccines should be based on age, while some want police and teachers to be vaccinated on a priority basis.

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