UK’s Vaccine Advisory Committee says vaccination provided on age basis.

Muqeem Ahmad, London,

Elderly people are being given priority in vaccinating citizens in the UK, while some are demanding priority on the basis of occupation.

The UK’s Vaccine Advisory Committee has said that vaccines should be given to citizens not on the basis of their profession but on the basis of their age, while the police and teachers want to be vaccinated on the basis of their profession.

Leading scientist Professor Wei Shen lin says the current vaccine delivery system is better and has no complications, and that’s why it’s working so fast. The first dose of vaccine was being provided to the citizens in a proper manner and the same arrangement should be kept in view in the second phase as well, he added.

There is no precedent in the UK for such a large number of vaccinations to be given professionally and there is a risk of complications from the professional vaccination delivery system.

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