Social media influencer Dananeer trying a paan for very first time.

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Social media influencer Dananeer Mobeen known as pawri girl, who gained popularity after her #pawrihorihai video went viral globally especially in Pakistan and India, tried a paan for the very first time in her life.

A video of Dananeer is making rounds on social media in which she can be seen sitting next to her sister Nafayal in an open-air restaurant, trying a paan.

The 19-year-old social media influencer kind of liked the taste of it when asked about it.

“It’s a good [kind of] strange,” said Dananeer.

However, Dananeer, instead of taking the full paan in her mouth only bit a chunk of it which became a new talk on social media.

Netizens criticized her for eating the paan in the wrong way and told her that one should always put the whole paan in the mouth.

One of the social media users wrote in the #pawrihorihai way that,

“Ya pan hain! eski direct mun me rakhte hain. Ande wale burger ki trah nahe khate.”



Earlier in an interview, Dananeer Mobeen, the Instagram influencer, revealed details of how she came up with the idea for the viral video and also shared her future plans.

Dananeer said she wants to become a CSS officer. “After I’m done with my bachelors, I will be doing my CSS,” Dananeer told.

She is receiving offers from everywhere since her video went viral. The host said Dananeer could take up one of those offers and go on another adventure.

“It can be an adventure but I know what I want to do and I’m very sure about doing CSS,” said the viral girl. She said she is “very academically oriented” and knows what she’s doing and is confident of getting it done.


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