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Farmer Nasir al-Hamad cultivates 1million olive trees and produce 200000 ltr oil annually.

Zaka Mohsin, Al-Jawf,

Nasir al-Hamad, from Al-Jawf in northern Saudi Arabia, has worked hard for many years to grow one million olive fruit trees, and he produces 200,000 liters of olive oil annually.

Nasir al-Hamad said he decided to invest in the agricultural sector and farming under the name ‘Tayyur Zeena’. He planted millions of olive trees.

According to Nasir al-Hamd, he used olive cultivation experiences in developed countries to grow olives. I learned about olive cultivation methods in France, Spain, Britain, Greece and other European countries. Experienced in olive cultivation in many countries.

Since then, steps have been taken to meet the need for modern irrigation systems and water supply for plant cultivation.

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