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ICNA Relief, with BMC organized a vaccination camp in NYC.

100 people of New York vaccinated on a first-come, first-served basis.

New York,

Like rest of the world, the US, also continues to be vaccinated against the COVID-19. In this regard, ICNA Relief, a Muslim welfare organization in New York, has recently vaccinated hundred peoples in collaboration and cooperation of Best Medical Care (BMC).

 A large number of citizens have registered for vaccination on campus. However, the first 100 people have been vaccinated so far on a first-come, first-served basis. On the occasion, the owner of BMC and well-known New York Dr. Batool Hussaini

and young Dr. Mushahid Farooqi said that there are no side effects of the vaccine. Citizens must be vaccinated.

On this occasion, BMC and ICNA Relief volunteers continued to help the people there with joy. Arshad Jamal, Director, ICNA Relief North East, thanked BMC and said that in the coming time, BMC will organize vaccination camps in other cities and regions.

According to state orders, the vaccine for people over the age of 65, but those belonging to different and specific fields or suffering from any disease. People including Dr. Muhammad Arif, former president of APPNA New York, thanked ICNA Relief for getting the vaccine facility. They said that not only you but also the people around you will be safe from getting vaccinated.

On this occasion, all the teams present at the camp and the citizens present for vaccination had followed the corona virus prevention SOPs.

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