Landmark decision by British Supreme Court against Uber

Company to pay for vacations during paid holidays and regular employee benefits.

Muqeem Ahmed, London

A landmark decision by the British Supreme Court against Uber, a global taxi service provider, has led to the company’s drivers being able to claim the rights of regular employees.

The UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that some taxi company drivers are entitled to regular employee benefits. According to court decision these drivers will be entitled to the minimum wage fixed by the government

The lawsuit was settled out of court in 2016 by a London tribunal, which ruled in favor of Uber’s former drivers. The decision entitled him to pay for vacations during paid holidays.¬†Uber drivers are still considered self-employed, with little legal protection.

The US company that owns Uber has argued in court in favor of maintaining the legal position of drivers, but the UK Supreme Court has unanimously rejected Uber’s appeal.

There were 25 drivers in this case, Uber said the ruling did not apply to all 8,000 drivers working in the UK. It is worth mentioning here that in London alone, Uber Company has 45,000 drivers. Uber’s shares have fallen 3% since the court ruling.

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