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Dozens benefits from ICNA Relief hot meals and jackets distributions.

Long Island, New York city,

ICNA Relief, distributes hot meals and jackets to homeless along with volunteer’s caravan from Hamza Mosque in Long Island area of New York. Dozens of citizens benefited.

Hamza Mosque is known for its social work. Mosque volunteers have been performing social work inside the mosque nut this time, in Manhattan area. Raza Caravan, led by Sarfraz Ahmed President, Hamza Mosque, along with ICNA Relief. Muslim Student Association workers were also present on the occasion

Sarfraz Ahmed, president of the Hamza Mosque, and volunteers said they were delivering food and other necessities to citizens, alike we do every week.

The aim is to send a message to our youth and future generations abroad that helping humanity is the best course of action, president added.

Citizens were in large numbers cued in need of free food and jackets to protect them from the cold. They said that they are very grateful to the management of Hamza Mosque and ICNA Relief who are with them in difficult times. Dozens of masked citizens lined up to see free food and jackets distributions.

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