History repeats it self, after 122 year Houston grips in severe cold.

Sister city of Karachi, Houston has a climate just alike Karachi.

Amir Khan, Houston,

Houston, Texas, USA, has a history of 122 years, the sister city of Karachi, has a climate just alike Karachi. It usually doesn’t snow here and the temperature this week is -10 Celsius, with -15 Celsius real feel. It is said that one hundred and twenty-two years ago there was such a weather in Houston and all this happen is due to climate change.

Due to fallen temperature and severe cold, snow everywhere and emergency has been declared. Business life is suspended, restaurants, markets and government offices were closed and people are trapped in their homes.

This is not usually the weather in Houston and there is an alarming situation. Other states in US such as New York and others peoples are used to for severe cold but it doesn’t happen in Houston and the situation is very worst.

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