London Zoo loses revenue amid COVID-19 lockdowns.

Muqeem Ahmad, London,

The zoo in the British capital, London, is losing 1 million £ every month due to the closure and COVID-19 precautionary lock down, an index of $ 1.4 million The London Zoo is very popular with tourists from all over the world. It is the oldest zoo in the world as well as a research center with thousands of rare birds and animals and it is full of visitors and tourists all year round.

But its closure during the lockdown has caused it severe financial losses that have jeopardized its very existence, leaving employees in dire straits. Since zoo was closed for 18 weeks during lockdown in 2020, it had to lose its hands of entrance fee.

Recent lockdowns and closures have cost the zoo 2.5 million $ losses, while 20.8 million $ last year. Zoo’s chief operating officer, Catherine England, said the animals were being taken care of despite the closure and staff was fulfilling their responsibilities in these difficult situations.

It is hoped that as soon as the lockdown ends, visitors will once again flocks to the zoo in London to enjoy the zoo’s fascinating wildlife and bird chirping.

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