Indian Bride Refuses to Marry Bald Groom On Wedding Day

MUMBAI: An Indian bride refused to marry his bald husband-to-be right on the wedding day.

The groom, Dr Ravi Kumar is a neurologist in a Delhi’s hospital, had to find another wife for him on an immediate basis after her ‘dream girl’ walked away.

From the Pindal to distribution of sweets to exchange of garlands, everything was going according to plan, until Dr Ravi removed her ‘Sehra’ during the ‘Phairas.’

Bride from Sugauli village in West Champaran remained obstinate on her decision after watching the groom nearly hairless, although families tried hard to convince her.

According to witnesses, she said she will not marry a bald guy at any cost.

The groom’s side then went through an extensive search of a bride for their son and eventually found a girl named Neha Kumari from the same village, whom the groom later married at a local temple.

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