German Lanka and We Are Pakistan launch Protests against deportation.

Mateullah, Berlin,

German political party Leaders reassured Pakistani community that they would play their part in preventing deportation of migrants and called for a review of government’s current policy. Attempts are being made to integrate immigrants instead of deporting them because of COVID-19. While the current government threatens to deport migrant workers due to its misguided policies.

Lanka, Germany’s left-wing political party, has vowed to raise its voice in other important sessions, including parliament, to prevent deportation from across Germany. Representatives of human rights organizations also took part in the demonstration, which was co-sponsored by organization, ‘We are Pakistan’. Immigrants should be issued visas, giving them  right to stay in Germany on the basis of wages. Immigrants living in Germany have spent most of their youth here for years. Immigrants who have adopted German society should be given the right to stay in Germany.

founder and leader, of “We are Pakistan”,  Mahmood Saeed, General Secretary, Asadullah Tariq, a well-known social activist Sunny  and leader of German political party Lanka, also called deportation policy inhumane and part of the capitalist system.

Leading social activist Samar Khan, organize the demonstration, told protesters that there was unrest among immigrants in Germany. He called on German government to stop deportation and to integrate Pakistani migrants into the German labor market. Representatives of local political parties and human rights groups also strongly condemned the deportation.

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