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Webinar at Riyadh to express solidarity with oppressed Kashmiri

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh,

The Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia organized a webinar to express solidarity with Kashmiri people. Webinar attends by political, social, literary personalities and journalists including Pakistan Ambassador, Raja Ali Ijaz and Expressed solidarity with people of Occupied Kashmir.

The entire Pakistani nation is with Jammu and Kashmir in this struggle for independence and the way India is changing the Muslim majority in Kashmir by creating 3 million fake domiciles is not only a heinous crime but also a humiliation of humanity which will never be accepted.

Speaking on the webinar, Pakistan Ambassador, Raja Ali Ijaz said that February 5 is a day to remember the story of 73 years of persecution in Kashmir and the UN resolution.

Today, India use every tactic to suppress Kashmiris to give up their demand for independence and by providing land in Kashmir to 30,000 Indians is playing with the sentiments of the Kashmiri nation But Kashmiri youth have thwarted Indian intentions. Pakistan will continue to provide all possible moral and diplomatic support to its Kashmiri people and as a lawyer will continue to highlight Kashmir issue all over the world.

In the webinar, Ilyas Rahim presented the resolution while Muhammad Khalid Rana, Mian Hamid, Qari Mumtaz, Dr Asad Rumi, Khalid Akram Rana, Gohar Ali, Chaudhry Bashir and others spoke.

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