Families Long waiting to bury their loved ones in UK.

Muqeem Ahmad, UK

The death toll from the coronavirus in the UK has exceeded one million and the bodies have to wait four to five weeks for burial.

Rising deaths from COVID-19 in UK have put a heavy burden on funeral companies this winter. The death ratio rises in winter season, but has risen dramatically since corona virus, according to Yuden, director of burial company.

We bury 10 people a day during the winter season Director Yuden added, but now that number has risen from 15 to 16.  Dozens of bodies lied in hospitals and old homes.

According to company director, Yuden, the first wave of corona virus took a week and a half for burial, while, now it takes four to five weeks for family to bury the bodies of their loved ones.

Funeral services companies are at the front lines in this pandemic, but there services are not recognized as medics.

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