Major decline in British exports after a Month from Brexit

UK imposed economic sanctions on itself, custom agents.

Muqeem Ahmad,UK,

After Brexit from European Union (EU), major decline noticed in British exports, while spending’s on imported goods and paperwork increased so does loss of time and resources custom agents added.

According to a customs agent, overnight establishment of a full-fledged operational port suggests that UK has imposed economic sanctions on itself.UK separated from EU on December 31 after 47 years.

According to trading companies, trade between UK and EU, companies are facing red tape and smaller companies are suffering the most.

Customs agent John Swallow said his company had been sending 10,000 trucks to EU each year, with the same number of trucks coming to UK. But exports are almost non-existent in January and the cost of bringing goods to the UK has risen.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that small companies will have to adapt these changes

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