Mou signed between EU and AstraZeneca

loggerheads over delivery dates and timetables.

Muqeem Ahmad, London

Vaccine maker AstraZeneca and European Union have been embroiled in controversy over a vaccine supply agreement. EU calls for vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca to publish vaccine supply agreement. The two sides have been at loggerheads over vaccine delivery dates and timetables.

According to AstraZeneca CEO, the agreement contains a clause on best practices and capabilities, which should not be linked to specific dates. In response, the European Union (EU) has said that the best efforts for non-existent products are a traditional and historical method. AstraZeneca announced in the first half of the year that it would reduce the supply of vaccines to the European Union.

According to the top official of the European Union, at least 60% of the 31 million doses. Vaccine supply in the EU is cheap and difficult, and so is the former EU member, the United Kingdom.

The agreement with EU AstraZeneca agreed to purchase 300 million doses of the vaccine, which included the vaccine’s usefulness to human health and approval from the watchdog.

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