10 richest people can vaccinate whole world, Oxfam report

Report concludes, poor people need 14 years to recover from financial crisis.

Muqeem Ahmed, London,

Oxfam, an organization working to eradicate poverty in the world, has released a report stating that Pandemic has widened gap between poverty and wealth in every country.

According to global charity organization Oxfam, Corona pandemic has widened the gap between poverty and wealth in all countries of the world. The wealth of billionaires has skyrocketed, and on other end, poor have lost their jobs, incomes and savings.

According to a report, 10 richest people in the world have made so much profit during Pandemic that whole world can be vaccinated.

Gabriella Bouche, executive director of Oxfam, said that Corona pandemic has created an economic storm that has affected the poor, while women and underprivileged have lost income.

Gabriella Bouche, Oxfam, executive director

According to World Bank, 100 million people have fallen below poverty line due to pandemic.

According to Oxfam, it can take 10 to 14 years for poor people to recovers from financial losses. Oxfam calls for short-term increase in taxes on wealthy individuals and large companies corporations to ensures employee safety. If global corporations were taxed more during pandemic, 104 billion dollars could have been raised in 2020 alone.

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