50 years old synagogue transformed to Islamic Community Cultural Center in New Jersey.

New Jersey,

There is no region of the world where voices of the greatness of the Creator of universe are not heard, but call to prayer resounds in New Jersey from a place that has been used as a synagogue for fifty years.

Recently, Tajir Khokhar, a social figure of Muslim community, converts the Temple Bethlehem located in Parsippany area into a mosque and renamed it to Islamic Community Cultural Center New Jersey.


On the first Friday of year 2021, a large number of worshipers led by Imam Sheikh Hassan Abu Naat of Al-Aqsa Mosque offered Friday prayers here.


Social distancing was also taken for Covid-19 precautious measures during prayers. There is also a large parking space in Islamic Community Cultural Center. According to Tajir Khokhar, they are doing their best to provide all facilities to community, including funeral services, Sunday schools, inter-faith harmony programs and intellectual training activities for youth.

“We want our community to not only gather here for Friday prayers, but also to participate in different activities or training session along with daily prayers,” he added.

The purpose of all these activities is to keep the center and the community busy that is why the mosque has been named the Islamic Community Cultural Center.

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