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PACOLI free COVID-19 test facilities in NYC.

New York city,

No region of the world is protected to deadly Pandemic corona virus outbreak, many countries are vaccinating against COVID-19, but the infection spread is not stopping.

Corona virus has killed more than 400,000 people in United States, making it most affected country. The indiscriminate service rendered to humanity by various welfare and social organizations of Muslims and Pakistanis since beginning of the Corona pandemic in US and it has not been hidden.

These organizations include the Pakistani American Community of Long Island,(PACOLI) which has carried out various social services, including corona virus testing and distribution of groceries and essentials to those in need, and continues to do so.

Recently, PACOLI conducted free corona testing at various locations in New York in partnership with TC Health Care and Screening.

Senior officials and members of PACOLI were also present at Hillside Islamic Center camp. No appointment is required for testing. Corona tests are free for people who have health insurance. The main Corona testing camp was set up at the Hillside Islamic Center.

Citizens from all over New York coming to conduct their corona test, they arrived at camp and registered, after which doctors and paramedics performed PCR tests to diagnose corona virus and provide juice.

Senior officials and members of PACOLI were also present at Hillside Islamic Center camp. PACOLI President Asim Malik and Vice President Azra Daar spoke to Voice of South Asia on the occasion.

According to officials there organization serves humanity in Corona pandemic as much as possible and now Corona testing has started. From here, all Corona tests are being conducted free of cost without any discrimination. He appealed to citizens to conduct free test of Corona. Protect yourself and the lives of others

At testing camp, PACOLI members Dr Ijaz and Salman Sheikh emphasized the importance of early detection of corona virus, in some cases patients are A-symptomatic, symptoms of corona virus do not appear, in which case virus is transmitted from infected person to other people.

Talking to Voice of South Asia, Chairman of Hill-side Islamic Center Abdul Aziz and Board of Trustees of North Shore Islamic Center Habib Afridi praised the efforts of PACOLI and said that even if anyone is A-symptomatic of corona virus, must conduct test for corona virus.

The PACOLI has been at forefront of social services since beginning of pandemic. Provides free rations for daily wagers and arrange breakfast.

PACOLI services are for people of all faiths, regardless of race or color. Hundreds of people have aided from it so far and PACOLI efforts are still going on.

PACOLI also held a camp for corona testing at North Shore Islamic Center after a break of few days. Hundreds of people benefited from free testing site.

Atiq Qadri, Vice President of PACOLI, present at the camp of North Shore Islamic Center, and detail briefed on PACOLI COVID-19 testing efforts. The purpose of free testing camp is to ensure that people who have not yet had their corona test for any reason come here to conduct their test resultant all those associated with can be protected from virus, PACOLI members said.

Citizens at Free Testing Camp for Diagnosis and the team for testing took full care of Corona Virus Prevention SOPs. PACOLI also conducts free testing camps in two markets on Long Island, where people from Pakistani community and people from different nationalities and walks of life took their tests.

According to World Health Organization, best way to control this Pandemic is to strictly follow SOPs, wear masks and get more people tested.

Pakoli’s team members said that their organization is not only always there to help the community but also organizes Pakistani and American festivals to spread happiness abroad. We are thankful to Almighty Allah for enabling us to serve humanity. We will continue to strive to serve humanity without any discrimination.

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