Afghanistan Offers Talks with Pakistan

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan has called on neighbouring country Pakistan to hold talks.

He made this offer during his speech in the Kabul Process meeting on Wednesday morning.

Ghani said he was ready to forget the past and start hold talks with Pakistan government for regional peace.

“We will be ready to starts talks with Pakistan and forget the past and start a new chapter.”

The two neighbouring countries who claim to have ‘brotherly relations’ have been cold-shouldering each other since Indian involvement in Afghanistan increased following President Trump’s rule.

Afghanistan has openly blamed Pakistan for terrorist attacks on its soil being operated from Pakistan, whereas Pakistan has similar grievances.

During the Kabul Process speech, Ghani also made a solid offer to Afghan Taliban to join the peace process initiative to end the decades-long war in the region.

According to TOLONews, the president wants Taliban to agree upon the peace process and a ceasefire.

“The Afghan government must be accepting and we will also work on the list of freeing Taliban prisoners”, he said.

Ghani also offered to lift sanctions from Taliban and offered issuance of passports to their families and make an office for them even in Kabul.

Ghani sent a strong message to the Taliban however, said today peace is in their hands. He called on the group to accept the offer and to join the peace process and together with Afghanistan “save the country”.


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