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Educational and recreational activities in Riyadh for Pakistani children’s.

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh

A function was organized at a local hotel in capital Riyadh to provides a recreational environment for children.

Pandemic corona affected children’s educational and recreational activities, resultant Saudi government subsided all activities for safety and health of the peoples, a recreational environment was provided for Pakistani children, After an year, children not only hugged each other without fear, but also showed great love for each other.

Severity of corona virus decreases in Saudi Arabia, life is returning to normal, while coronavirus has affected children’s educational activities, their recreational opportunities have also been limited.

children participated in various sports. They met and expressed their happiness and cheered, while parents fully support them.

On the occasion, children said that they are very happy to participate in this recreational event and hopes school will open soon. So we can continue our educational activities and recreational activities.

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