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Candle light vision for Hazara massacred miners at Jackson heights, NYC.

Queens, NYC,

Pakistani South Asian  community organize candle light vision against brutal killing of 11 miners in Machh at Jackson heights in Queens borough . The area located in Neighborhood in New York City.

The candle light vision was attended by a large number of Overseas Pakistani’s among men, women and prominent figures of the community.

Mian Tahir, Syed Waseem, Agha Saleh, Atif Khan and re-known figure of Shia Ulema Council (SUC)  Syed Mohsin Shah attends vison lights and demands earliest arrest of culprits.

The candle light attendees hold placards with slogans and demands against Machh massacre’s. They also demand that killers of Machh massacre’s must be punished and ensured protection of Shia, especially Hazara community.

At the end of candle light vision, attendees prayed for the forgiveness of massacre victims at Queens borough, Jackson Height.

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