3rd Lockdown in UK, 23% people under age 80 widely infected.

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The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom UK Boris Johnson has said in a News conference at Downing Street that 2% of population becomes victim to Corona Virus.

According to health statistics of England, 23% people near about 650,000 people over age of 80 have now been vaccinated. But with steady increase in COVID-19 cases, I have “no choice” but to impose a new lockdown PM added.

Not guaranteed that all children will return to school before summer holidays, but insisted that they hope things will be different in coming spring. The third national lockdown of England has been imposed.

Parliament Members are set to vote on third lock down later. The need to debate and vote on these measures means that House of Commons has been recalled for second time since Christmas break.

Earlier, minister announced measures that included the construction of homes and closure of most student schools. Most parts of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are also under lockdown.

Under new measures, people in England will be able to leave home only for necessary reasons. Outdoor exercise will be allowed only once a day and outdoor sports venues must be closed for the safety of the citizens.


On the other end, 19 cases of coronavirus diagnosed daily in UK and now have crossed 60,000 for the first time.

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