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Crown Prince, MBS hosts 41st Summit in Al-Aalaa, Saudi Arabia,

Zaka Mohsin, Al-Aalaa, Saudi Arab,

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, said that GCC member states needs to work together to move region forward and address the threats posed by Iran.

Addressing 41st Summit in Al-Aalaa, Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, said that threats posed by Iranian regime include nuclear program, its ballistic missile program and terrorism of its own and sectarian activities in the region. The aim of Iran behind all of these programs to destabilize the region.

Presently, this is biggest challenge, region is facing. Muhammad bin Salman, added that GCC leaders should call on international community to work together to stop these programs, which pose a threat to security of the region.

Prince, MBS said that member states of the council have signed Al-Aala Declaration.

The declaration, named after host city of the GCC summit, emphasized need for solidarity and stability between the Gulf, Arab and Islamic countries. There is a need to strengthen friendship and brotherhood between these countries and their peoples so that their hopes and aspirations can be fulfilled.

The Saudi Crown Prince said, “The formation of the Council was based on special relationship between our countries. It is a reflection of our common faith, brotherhood and common destiny”.

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