Colors of fashion industry dimmed throughout 2020

Financially unhappy industry employer & employees determined soon bright stars on horizon.

Web desk,

Lights of fashion have dimmed across Pakistan in year 2020,  walk on the ramp, beauties did not twinkle, nor they show off their decorations. Fashion lover’s looks for events.

Impact of Corona’s hampers world of fashion in year 2020, all small, big fashion shows and photoshoots could not be held. The attire designing and sale of new garments was also severely affected.

Designers say 2020 has been a year of desolation in the fashion world, but they are hopeful that new year will be a year of industry growth and excitement.

The bridal season in 2020 also passed so quietly. Fashion enthusiasts are saddened by lifelessness of colors and lights, but are hopeful that colors will return next year.

Financially unhappy fashion industry employees are determined that situation will soon change and bright stars will shine again on horizon of fashion industry.

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