800 Megawatt Solar Power Plant Set Up in Bangladesh

DHAKA: A Norwegian company, Scatec Solar has renewed the set-up of solar power projects on large-scale.

The company shared the comprehensive details about the capacity and location of the project.

The framework of 800-megawatt solar power project is going to be held at Chandpur in southern Bangladesh, reported Media.

The capacity of Bangladesh in contrast to well-known solar markets is behindhand yet due to having a noticeably lower cost of generation.

Representatives of Scatec Solar signed an agreement regarding the project with Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA).

Most of all, the total cost of the project is expected to be around $1 billion as Bangladesh

Moreover, Scatec Solar had finalized an agreement with the Bangladesh government in early 2017.

To make things better the company is endeavouring after a 100-megawatt project in northern Bangladesh.

The current status of that project has not disclosed by the company, therefore, it is rather difficult to understand the fate before.

Bangladesh has been deprived of renewable energy capacity; as per nee, it has to get electricity from its neighbors.

On the top, the hydro power projects are being planned in Nepal as to import electricity from respective country.

Bangladesh is looking forward to get increase the share of renewable energy 10% by 2020.

Correspondingly, the BEZA has signed an agreement of 1 gigawatt solar power park with China last year. Besides, Bangladesh Power Division is also doing effort of 600 megawatt solar project.

Regardless Scatec Solar and POWERCHINA, Sky Power Global also came forward with a plan to invest $4.3 billion to set up 2 gigawatt solar power capacity and a 500 megawatt solar module fabrication and assembly unit. Yet, no plans have come in to action by Sky Power’s announcement.


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