Nightangle hospitals reactivated in UK due to new corona virus

Opposition parties criticizing government decision for sudden closure of primary schools

Muqeem Ahmad, UK

The UK has begun temporary hospitals to treat new type of coronavirus infected peoples and has ordered immediate closure of primary schools.

The UK has begun rebuilding temporary hospitals to treat new cases of COVID-19 and has ordered immediate closure of primary schools.

Temporary hospitals set up in UK to reactivate. The new type of corona virus had extreme impact on London and its environs, leading to closure of primary schools.

More than 50,000 people have been infected with new COVID-19 for past four days, National Health Service said that a large number of patients are expected in hospitals and work is underway to provide them with beds.

The Royal London Hospital has instructed its staff in an email to be prepared for emergencies and said that all resources may not be sufficient for necessary medical treatment.

Temporary Nightangle Hospitals that were built at community centers and other locations have been reactivated. On other end, according to Royal College of Nursing, there is a shortage of trained nurses and staff in the country and providing full staff in these temporary hospitals is a big problem because countless medical staffers were already infected with COVID-19 and in self-isolation.

Opposition parties criticizing sudden closure decision for London’s primary schools said that this has created chaos among parents.

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