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Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development eases tax for Pakistani workers

Zaka Mohsin, Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia, where people from other countries work and live, has more than 2.5 million Pakistanis, including more than 400,000 Pakistani families.

Good news for Pakistanis from Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development is working to pay tax on families in installments of four months instead of one lump sum.

Expatriates have to pay a monthly fee of 400 riyals per person per year at time of renewal of residence permit(Aqama).

However, Saudi Deputy Labor Minister Hani al-Mujal said ministry was working to make it easier to pay family fees to immigrants in four-month installments, rather than in lump sum payments. However, other foreigners, including Pakistanis, have welcomed the move, saying it would ease financial pressure on them.

However, due to monthly tax of 400 riyals, hundreds of families have returned to their home countries.
It would be much easier if this tax was decreased to 200 per month.

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