Historically, COVID-19 vaccination launched in Europe.

Muqeem Ahmed, UK

The coronavirus vaccination, historically has been launched in European Union since Sunday. There is no precedent for this

European governments have been criticized in media and in public for lack of a coordinated and common vaccination program. It is now hoped that this united program initiatives will facilitate 450 million citizens of all countries to benefit equally from vaccination.

The European Union has ordered 2 billion doses of vaccine to be given to all citizens by 2021.

101-year-old woman was vaccinated for first time in Germany, she said she was happy and COVID-19 is horrible and that is why so good we are vaccinated against it.

Health worker in Rome, Italy, urges other citizens to be vaccinated after first vaccination shot received.

According to a survey, thousands of people are hesitant to use of vaccine, while European governments have declared it a golden opportunity to prevent from the virus.

Many countries hire retired health department staff and military for vaccinations purposes. The United Kingdom, Switzerland and Serbia, which are not members of European Union, already have been vaccinating their citizens since last week.

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