PTI North America’s Accountability and Discipline Subcommittee suspends basic membership

Members violating party's constitution and code of conduct

New York City,

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) North America’s Accountability and Discipline Subcommittee has suspended PTI New York senior vice president Ayaz Khan’s basic membership for one year for violating the party’s constitution.

PTI North America Subcommittee on Accountability and Discipline wrote in its decision that after death of former PTI NYC president Zameer Khan, Ayaz Khan considered himself acting president. Orders executive body to fill vacant seat of New York president in accordance with party constitution and laws following which a meeting was held on November 4

In the meeting, the executive body unanimously elected Rana Javed as president in place of late Zameer Khan and asked Ayaz Khan to continue performing his duties as senior vice president but Ayaz Khan refused to accept party’s decision.

According to decision, Deputy Secretary OIC North America Dr. Tahir Hassan Khan lodged a complaint in which he said that Ayaz Khan party has violated constitution and laws. Ayaz Khan not only sacked Rana Javed from PTI New York’s executive committee but also removed members of his choice from executive body and appointed new members.

The decision said that Ayaz Khan’s action damaged the party’s reputation in media and public circles. The sub-committee also wrote in the decision that Ayaz Khan wanted to remain on party president post and group was formed.

The Accountability and Discipline Sub-Committee unanimously suspended Ayaz Khan’s basic membership for one year for persistent violations of the party’s constitution, laws and code of conduct.

Addressing Ayaz Khan directly, the verdict said that if he did not end series of violations of constitution of PTI and rules of PTI-OIC, period of suspension of his basic membership would be extended and can be further enhanced

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