Tax-man team dedicate to calms spirit of pure humanity.

Unique spirit of brotherhood and generosity, ruled their hearts.

Maryland, Baltimore,

In a world of fear and panic of Corona Virus, Covid-19 is on its peak in United States once again. Charities are effective to combat third wave of COVID 19 in US. Baltimore, Maryland, Tax-man team dedicated to calming spirit of pure humanity. Creating a unique spirit of brotherhood and generosity, ruled their hearts.

Many traditional organizations in US, were playing their part, a team commonly known as Taxman in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, has served humanity. By presenting in a unique way, not only in Baltimore, Maryland, but also in US, by teaching compassionate people to serve humanity in a way that is truly humane and to show compassion and love to the suffering humanity from the depth of their hearts, and set an example

Irfan Yaqub, Ahmed Rana, Ayesha Khan and David Salik appeared in Taxman, their efforts were appreciated by all walk off lives, men, women and children of all colors and races.

Food, clothing and other items are being carried here today. This dedication is only with spirit of service to humanity

Ahmad Rana and David Salik also expressed their views on 60 black people and said that Members of Pakistan South Asian Moment Linking humanity.

Mena said he had a true love for humanity and would serve all religions as his first duty to subdue global pandemic.


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