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Team Brooklyn Emerge revives the festivities of Christmas

Fahim Mian, Brooklyn, NYC

Christmas is celebrated every year with traditional fervor all over the world, including United States and Europe. Citizens begins preparations for Christmas, start buying gifts, clothes, shoes several weeks before.

The buildings of New York City decorated with colorful lights and creates a dreamy atmosphere And tourists from around the world flock to New York to see city lights.





COVID-19 pits around the world and lights of New York, also known as city of lights, including Europe, have faded due to pandemic.





The Pandemic covid 19 affected economic, educational, social and business activities around the world
on the other end, traditional excitement of Christmas has also been embellished.

Corona virus outbreak and lockdown snatches jobs from many families, leaving residents in dire financial straits

According to a report, businesses related to clothes, shoes and Christmas gifts are affected in this situation. Not only this, Santa Claus is also different this year too, Santa Claus is no longer going door to door distributing gifts

Instead, Pakistani-American organizations are distributes gifts to children, much like Santa Claus

In this way, children go to their parents to receive gifts and get toys of their choice. The Brooklyn Emerge, Pakistani-Americans organization, organized a children’s gala event in front of Masjid Quba on Foster Avenue in Brooklyn on the occasion of Christmas for financially distressed peoples.


Brooklyn Emerge also distributes Barbie dolls, cute toy cars, candies, teddy bears, bag packs and many other toys to the children on Christmas.

The children liked toys from Brooklyn emerge stall as per their choice. The children were happy to get the toys. Bliss seen on their faces.

A young volunteer spokes to Voice of South Asia on the occasion said he was proud to be able to help people in need through Brooklyn Emergence.

Severe cold wave grips US, blizzards have started coming in different states. everything is covered in white snow. one to two feet Snowfall has been recorded in New York city.






In view of severe cold, Brooklyn Emerge also distributes warm clothes to those in needs at the event.
warm hats, mufflers and other items were also distributes. At the event, Brooklyn emerge provides to people of all faiths, regardless of race or color

Zakaria Khan and Shabbir Ahmed, of Brooklyn Emergence, spoke to Voice of South Asia on the occasion that children are waiting for candies and gifts at Christmas so we planned that we should become Santa Claus and distribute gifts to children. The joy on faces of children after receiving the gifts is unspeakable.

Masjid Quba Imam, Qari Usman Ali





Qari Usman Ali, Imam of Masjid Quba, offered his services to distribute gifts to children, was also present. He praised the efforts of Brooklyn Emerge while speaking with Voice of South Asia. The Brooklyn Emerge helped people of all faiths, regardless of race or color in distress during Pandemic Outbreak.


Brooklyn Emerge also provides hot meal along with distribution of toys and warm clothes to children. US officials were also present in the event, they told Voice of South Asia that Brooklyn Emerges, services are ideal and unforgettable for the community. The Brooklyn Emergence help people of all faiths and communities in hardships and difficult time.

Hundreds of people lined up at stalls, waits for there turn with follow SOPs and wore masks in prevention of COVID-19. Children’s get toys, hot meal, warm clothes, and gift items and thanks Brooklyn Emerge team

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