40K Food drive by Montgomery County Muslim Foundation in US Maryland.

Fazal Khaliq, Washington,

1,78,6,800 people worldwide infected with Pandemic COVID-19, including US while 14 million seven thousand people have died so far.

Second wave of pandemic has once again reached on its peak in United States, pandemic presently raging in US. Organizations in US doing their level best possibilities to alleviate suffering of people.

Muslims living in US and especially Pakistanis were also helping Americans in this difficult time.

For this purpose, food drive was organized by Montgomery County Muslim Foundation, a Muslim charity organization in US state of Maryland.

Muslim organization MCMF is busy helping their American brothers in trouble.

Forty thousand pounds of food was distributed to needy, especially low-income families. Rations including rice, pulses, meat, ghee and other grocery items were distributed to more than 2,000 people.

According to Organizers, they have distributed 178,000 pounds of food since the outbreak.

On December 18, we will provide Christmas food and rations to 175 families.

We first established ourselves. Build Islamic centers and mosques. But now is time to work for country that gave us all this. We are here in the bitter cold with this idea organizers added.


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