Pakistan Contacts Interpol to Bring Hussain Haqqani Back

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan government has formally approached Interpol to in a bid to bring disgruntled former ambassador Hussain Haqqani back to the country.

Haqqani is the main accused of a Memo-gate scandal and is currently in the US on a self-exile.

He is also blamed for issuing visas to CIA and Indian agents while serving as Pakistani ambassador to the US.

He was summoned by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on February 15, upon failing to do so, hi arrest warrants were issued.

In December last year, three people lodged complaints against Haqqani for delivering hate speeches and writing books and articles against the armed forces and the ‘sovereignty of Pakistan’.

They also claimed Haqqani had defamed Pakistan in his books, “which proves that he is a traitor”.

Haqqani meanwhile described the Supreme Court order for his arrest as “propaganda antics”, Dawn News reported.

In a statement issued by Haqqani, he said: “It is time for Pakistan to stop protecting internationally recognized terrorists such as Hafiz Saeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Siraj Haqqani and Masood Azhar instead of using legal devices for domestic propaganda against dissidents and political critics.”


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