“Defaming the State of Madinah” – A Written Account by Ayatullah Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi

Prime Minister of Pakistan, commonly known as the “captain” has decided to run the country like a game of cricket. However, the nature of competition in sports is different than running a country and there are more rules and regulations. The biggest mistake the captain made was likening his rule to the state of the Holy Prophet PBUH. Comparing the state where angels became the gatekeepers with a state where the rule of the British system still lurks denominating the values of Islam. The state of Madinah had room for every religion whereas the rule of Pakistan does not even tolerate Muslims. The U-turn in the captain’s life no doubt made him a lover of the Prophet. He is probably the first head of state in the world who did not wear shoes. Wearing the land, he expressed his devotion to the Prophet. Personally, he is neither a looter, nor corrupt, nor greedy, nor cowardly, nor greedy. However, while the Prime Minister of the country should have been steadfast, he looks like a 17-year-old captain of a team instead.

First! So the captain should not have named his state as the state of Madinah, because in the state of Madinah, the honor of the people was safe. Peace was restored. Unemployment was extinct. The life of the governor of Madinah was like that of an ordinary person.

Secondly! The custom of taking revenge by slapping one’s face like a child was extinct in the state of Madinah. The state of Madinah was based on amnesty and forgiveness, not on revenge.

Thirdly! The city of Kotwal in the state of Madinah was not hijacked and the opponents were not detained by force.

Fourth! The captain’s own attire bears no resemblance to that of his own cabinet, the ruler of the state of Madinah, or the followers of the ruler.

Five! No NAB-style court was trying to humiliate its opponents in the state of Madinah.

Sixth! The governor of Madinah respected the daughters of his opponents. He did not taunt them. He did not call them by bad titles. He treated them like his own daughters.

Seven! Holy Prophet PBUH did not deprive anyone of advice in spite of the shortcomings of others, because advice is a Qur’anic command. May Allah help the cabinet to give advice instead of flattery.

Eight! The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) never imposed any restrictions on the transmission or reporting of news. Censorship was not the norm at night. No reporter was banned for reporting. While in Pakistan, the tradition of humiliating opposition journalists has always existed.

Nine! Neither Wali Medina nor any of his associates called any man a traitor. Nor did he use any foul language for his opponents.

Ten! The governor of Madinah did not allow his state institutions, including the administration and the judiciary, to be used for revenge.

After stating these ten points, I request my captain not to defame the state of Madinah but to name it the state of Niazi. Because in the state of Madinah, Islamic constitution, religious constitution and manifesto, limits and punishments, qisas and diyat. The court system was such that a murderer, a robber, a thief, a criminal of honor, a looter could not escape the law.

In Madinah, no one slept hungry in the state. No one was naked. First, no one was unemployed and even if someone was unemployed, it was spent from the treasury. It was used for the construction of mosques and the welfare of the people. Extrajudicial killings were not allowed. Fake drug cases were not made against their opponents. Opponents were not oppressed by intimidation and bullying. Non-Muslims were also safe by paying tribute. However, even Muslims in your country are not safe despite paying tribute.

Mr. Captain! Don’t repeat the mistakes made by your predecessors. If you have adopted the slogan of change, then show it by making economic, religious, religious and social changes. Accusations are not answered by accusations. Destruction is not answered by destruction. Learn from Trump’s defeat. Learn a lesson from the fall of the rulers before you. Allah does not give opportunity every day. Due to the incompetence of the previous rulers, you have got a chance. Allah has given you a chance in the remaining years of your rule, the outdated British system, the method of fabricating FIRs, police corruption and bribery, the Department of Finance. Injustices, NAB arbitrariness, rape, sacrificial reasons, poverty, unrest and terrorism, intellectual decline, killings due to religious fanaticism, lawlessness, homosexuality, looting, Prevent hoarding, sexual misconduct, forgery and treachery. Nawaz Sharif deviates from phobia to build roads, check institutions, prosecute gangsters, arrest kidnappers for ransom and prevent honor killings. Pay attention

I hope that Mr. Captain and his team will pay attention to these few requests of mine. And along with the publicity of the looting of the former looters, the purification of the system will also be carried out. Mr. Captain, his entire cabinet and 15 salaried advisers. They will not be able to give the advice that Faqir has given me in this column. May Allah grant the captain the ability to work in a positive manner in the charity of the state of Madinah and may Allah make him understand that he is no longer the captain of cricket, but he Prime Minister of a nation.

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